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2020 was to be one of the most memorable years of my life. I was graduating from high school, cheerleading, homecoming queen, and pitcher for our softball team. It was going to be amazing! Everything changed overnight; COVID-19 entered our lives and changed the way we live. Schools closed, sporting events and graduation all cancelled. Locked down, locked out!

My name is Emily Beck and this is my story; this is our new reality. As many of you know, in order to try and get back to some type of normalcy, face masks or face coverings have become part of our daily lives. What many of you also know, so has mask induced acne. The experts even have a name for it–Maskne, and it’s a real thing. 

Maskne — developed due to the widespread wearing of face masks to protect against the coronavirus. Young, old, male, female, we are all at risk. I personally developed a horrible case of “Maskne”. I thought it was just me, then after talking with friends, family and medical professionals, I realized Maskne was legit, and it's not going away anytime soon.

This led me to search for a solution. What I found was so many “big name” companies and so many harsh chemicals that it really only made matters worse.

I started looking for a natural solution when I discovered Botanicals. Botanicals are extracted from nature, plants, fruits, herbs, etc. As I experimented, I started to see results. This led me to creating my very own Botanical skincare line, The Nines Botanicals™! I named it The Nines because all my products are carefully formulated with only the best nature has to offer. I invite you to indulge and take your skin to The Nines. 


Emily M. Beck, CEO
The Nines Botanicals™

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Emily M. Beck, CEO

The Nines Botanicals™



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7427 Highway 1 South

Donaldsonville, LA 70346

Phone: 225-746-0603


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